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Yes!  We our family physicians and walk-in physicians are offering virtual video and conventional telephone visits with our physicians.  For a few specific conditions we are permitting in person visits – this must be approved by your physician prior to our staff scheduling a direct visit

We have implemented several strategies to help limit the spread of COVID-19.  Some but not all of these activities include actively screening all patients by phone or email prior to arrival for COVID-19 symptoms, asking patients to wait outside our suite or in the parking lot and until an exam room is ready for them to be immediately placed into, regular cleaning & disinfecting of commonly touched surfaces in our exam rooms and common spaces, restricting in office visits to essential health care visits that are not adequately assessed by phone or video call, screening our own staff for COVID-19 symptoms on a daily basis, asking our staff to wear appropriate PPE in patient exposed areas, etc.

Dr. Rami Zawi is a friendly, respectful and competent male physician who has joined the Wellspace team in 2020 and is currently accepting patients into his practice.

A patent may request their own records at any time by direct request.  If you require your records to be transferred to a third party then we require a signed consent to release medical information form.